Kayaking and Camping in
Prince William Sound

By Paul Twardock
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Kayaking and Camping in  Prince William Sound

Kayaking and Camping in Prince William Sound

(214 pp. 71 photos, 21 sketches)
ISBN# 1-877900-14-1


Paddling through Floating Ice
Trip #8, Glacier Island
Photo Gallery
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Paul Twardock's Kayaking and Camping in Prince William Sound is the perfect introduction for the kayaker who wants to explore Prince William Sound's wilderness in safety and comfort while preserving its pristine quality. Paul shares his 18 years' experience in leading camping and kayaking expeditions into the Sound's northern rainforest offering valuable tips on safety, leave-no-trace camping, and how to stay warm and dry. The book contains valuable information on kayaking conditions such as weather, tides, currents and kayaking around glaciers, icebergs and the Sound's abundant wildlife. Maps and text describe 20 possible kayaking routes for beginners and advanced kayakers. Each chapter references numerous websites and phone numbers which provide local information.