The History of
Prince William Sound, Alaska

by: Jim and Nancy Lethcoe
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Gold Rush
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A History of Prince William Sound Alaska
A History of Prince William Sound Alaska

Revised Edition (2000)
(275 pp, 12 maps and illustrations, 67 photos)
ISBN# 1877900-12-5


Avaition in the Sound: 1917 - 1941
Explorers Bering & Cook
Fisheries: 1917 - 1941
Fox Farming: 1917 - 1941
Natives Communities: 1917 - 1941
History Overview: 1917 - 1941
Tourism from: 1917 - 1941
Introduction and Eskimo Exploration
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A survey of the history of Prince William Sound from prehistoric times to the post oil spill era. The central role of Prince William Sound in Alaska's history from its early days as the fur trading, fishing, mining, transportation and political center of southcentral Alaska to its present position as a major tourist destination, transportation corridor and fishing area.