The Weather and Climate of
Prince William Sound

by: Jim Lethcoe
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Weather guide
Weather and Climate of Prince William Sound

(84 pp. Over 100 photos, graphs and illustrations)

Prince William Sound Winds
Weather Basics
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This work is designed to help the non-geologist to understand the geological mechanisms which formed the Sound and southcentral Alaska and to help him identify common rock types. Basic geological concepts, an introduction to plate tectonics and terrane theory are covered. The field guide section describes 124 sites in the Sound where one can observe typical rocks and formations with special emphasis on the Sound's mines and mining history.

His book is designed for mariners, outdoor recreationists, and local residents who wish to understand, interpret and predict the complex weather patterns of Prince William Sound and the North Gulf Coast. Explanations are in layman's terms and clarified by numerous graphic illustrations. Topics include extensive information and explanations on Gulf Coast and Prince William Sound climate patterns such as the influences of the Aleutian Low, Polar and East Pacific Highs, the Polar Jet Stream and the El Nino/La Nina and the Pacific Decadal Oscillations. Emphasis is on providing the reader with a basic understanding of how and why weather in the Sound works so that he can make his own local weather predictions.