Many moons ago, three roamed and served the lands surrounding the great body of water now called Puget Sound. To the North was Tahoma, the strong bear. Tillicum, the mighty thunderbird, came from the South, and to the West lived Kcumkum, the endearing salmon.

Washington State Ferry "Nisqually"

For many years, the three had strong tribes and great leaders. They gave themselves to cheerful services, working hard to serve those around them. Their lands were prosperous, full of happiness. That would end, however, as a great darkness fell upon the lands; all became lost. The people looked to the Chiefs of the three for guidance. The leaders worked hard to continue their service and spirit, they called upon their members and they called upon each other, they did not give up to the great darkness.

Fort Nisqually Washington

After twelve changes of seasons in the darkness, a bright light shown upon the lands. It was a symbol for the three to gather, a conclave for all the people. Kcumkum from the West, Tillicum from the South, and Tahoma from the North gathered at the light, brighter than the rising sun.

Steamer "Nisqually"

The people gathered in the trees of the forest, the feathers of the Raven, Nisqually. They became as one; Kcumkum the body of the Raven, Tillicum the tail of the Raven, and Tahoma as its wings. This one is call Nisqually, one who serves the land. It has now been many years since the three gathered becoming one. Nisqually has filled the land with the incredible bright light of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service: Wimachtendienk, Wingolauchsik, Witahemui.

Trail to Nisqually Glacier

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Old Fort Nisqually Dedication 1833-1934
First Day of Issue - For Ntisqually Stamp
Nisqually Entrance to Rainier N. Park