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Copper Valley now offers the Independence Plan!

CVT now offers a "device financing program," which eliminates the upfront onetime cost of a new smartphone. Basically, with 0% interest & 0% service fees customers have the ability to pay a small monthly fee, added to their other monthly charges, over 24 months. No contract required and the phone can be changed at any time by paying off the existing balance.

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Op. System

This describes the shape or size of the handset.


This describes the shape or size of the handset.


A handset may have a touch screen keyboard, a QWERTY keyboard (small buttons laid out in the same configuration as a standard computer keyboard), or no keyboard. A QWERTY keyboard might be on the face of the phone, slide out, or fold out.

Data Speed

3G refers to Third Generation wireless data speeds. A customer will need to subscribe to a data plan to make use of the 3G Internet access. A customer who uses their handset on a 3G network (such as when you are within the CVW area) could expect to get between 700K-1.5MB speeds.


Built in Bluetooth technology allows a handset to connect wirelessly to near-range electronics such as headphones, tablets, and hands-free car devices that also are equipped with Bluetooth.


This feature allows the user to access WIFI hotspots (at hotels, in airports, for example) that are within range of the handset. A user can switch between the 3G data network and WIFI and back again.


The higher the megapixel rating, the larger (and higher resolution) the photographs.

Music Player

Indicates that the phone has a built in music player. The customer must download or transfer digital music (such as MP3 files) to the handset.

Text Messaging

Tells you that the phone is capable of sending and receiving text messages. Customer may need to purchase a texting plan to use this feature.

Picture Messaging

Tells you the phone is capable of sending and receiving picture messages. Customer may need to purchase a data plan to use this feature.


The phone is capable of using apps. Some apps may be free and there may be a charge for others.

Memory Card Capacity

Some phones have a slot for a memory card (typically a Micro SD card). Each phone is capable of holding a maximum size card (such as 8, 18, or 32 GB). Some handsets include a memory card and the customer may need to purchase cards for some models. A memory card may be used to store pictures, music, contacts, and other files.

Hearing Aid Compatibility

Handsets are rated according to their compatibility with hearing aids. Additional information is available on this page.

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