Struggling to make ends meet? Consider applying for federal Lifeline telephone assistance through Copper Valley Telecom. The application is easy to complete and discounts go into effect immediately.

The Lifeline Program provides local or wireless telephone service at reduced cost to qualifying low income customers. See the chart below for the income guidelines. To qualify, customers must meet the following criteria:

Certify that you are not receiving Lifeline discounts on any other telephone lines (even with another provider). Meet income-based criteria as shown on the Lifeline Program application or certify that you subscribe to one of the following needs-based assistance programs.

Assistance Programs

  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps (SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Income-based eligibility
  • Veterans Pensions or Survivor's Pension
  • Low income Tribal Programs

Plan & Charges

  • Voice only landline - $1/month
  • Voice and broadband (DSL) - $37.75 credit towards voice and DSL
  • Voice only: wireless - $1/month
  • Voice and data: wireless - $37.75 credit towards Ala Carte voice and data plan
  • Data only: wireless - $34.25 towards any data only plan

Regulatory Disclosures

  • Documentation is required to establish eligibility
  • Only eligible customers may qualify
  • Benefits limited to 1 per household
  • Lifeline is a government benefit program

Equipment, DSL, Data and Voice Equipment

  • Data enabled smart phones must have the mobile hotspot feature. Voice only phones are ineligible for smart devices; standard phones are required.
  • DSL - Minimum required DSL speed is 10MB/1MB or higher.
  • Data - Wireless data plans must be Ala Carte plans. Minimum required data is 500MB or higher.
  • Voice - Voice plans must be Ala Carte plans.


  • Customer must fill out Lifeline Eligibility application in order to qualify for this plan.
  • All normal policies apply (deposits, payment terms, usage, etc.)

2019 Poverty Guidelines for Alaska

Persons in Family/Household Poverty Guideline
For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $7,466 for each additional person
1 $21,060
2 $28,525
3 $35,991
4 $43,456
5 $50,922
6 $58,387
7 $65,853
8 $73,318
The federal poverty guidelines are typically updated at the end of January each year.

Lifeline Wireless Service

Local Unlimited
Nationwide Minutes 450
Additional Nationwide .35
Roaming Minutes - Alaska Free
Roaming Minutes - Lower 49/Canada .15
Long Distance - Alaska Free
Long Distance - Lower 49/Canada .15
Unlimited Texting Free
Unlimited Nights/Weekends Free
Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Free

Lifeline Brochure and Handbook
Lifeline Household Worksheet