4G LTE Faq's

FAQ's are posted below to answer your questions about Copper Valley's 4G LTE network. If you have a question that's not shown below, just email it to us (please type "4G LTE FAQ" in your email's subject line) and we'll get it posted as soon as we have an answer! Email questions to vdz-cs@cvtc.org.

What is 4G LTE anyways?

4G stands for "fourth generation" wireless technology. And LTE is short for "Long Term Evolution". Together "4G LTE" describes a wireless data technology that is superior to all other kinds of 4G systems. Simply stated, 4G LTE provides Copper Valley's customers with the fastest data speeds, best reliability, and access to the nation's largest 4G network! It doesn't get much better than that!

Where will I be able to get 4G data speeds?

4G data speeds are now available in Valdez, Prince William Sound, Cordova and the Copper Basin on 4G-capable devices. When you travel, you'll be able to get 4G LTE data – from Anchorage to Fairbanks, from Seattle to Orlando, and from L.A. to New York City.

I heard that Verizon owns Copper Valley Wireless now. Is that true?

No! Copper Valley Wireless is owned and operated by Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative – a LOCAL, member-owned telecom carrier. We're headquartered in Valdez and have local stores in Glennallen and Cordova. We're here to stay and we're not for sale! So, what is our relationship to Verizon? Copper Valley Wireless has leased radio spectrum from Verizon so that our customers can get 4G LTE wireless data. Along with that, we have a roaming partnership with Verizon so that our customers can access the largest 4G LTE network when they travel in Alaska and the Lower 49 states – that means you'll be able to surf at crazy fast speeds even when you're away from home -- no other carrier in our area will provide that!

Will I need to get a new phone to use the 4G system?

Yes, you'll need a new phone that is built for 4G LTE speeds. We have launched a brand new line up of 4G LTE-compatible phones – all of which are very advanced with lots of new features, super fast processors, and high resolution screens.

What is the difference between 4G and 4G LTE?

Wireless carriers use these terms to differentiate speed ranges. 4G typically refers to speeds that are around 5 times faster than 3G speeds. 4G LTE indicates even higher speeds – speeds that are 10-15 times faster than 3G. Copper Valley Telecom is upgrading its system to 4G LTE!

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