Telephone Repair and Long Distance Service

Dial 611 in Valdez, Chitina, Mentasta, Tatitlek, Copper Center, Glennallen, McCarthy areas


Dial 611 from your mobile phone
907-835-2231 or toll-free at 1-800-478-6612

Wireless Troubleshooting, USB Data Cards & Routers,

Assistance for Hearing /Speech Impairments

Do you know there is an assistive service open 24/7 to assist you with telecommunications? Through Alaska Relay, you can dial 711 by landline or wireless phone device and speak to someone who can assist you with your telecommunication needs. To learn more about this service, go to the Alaska Relay website.

The most common telephone device used to make a relay call is a TTY (text telephone). There are other telephone devices available, depending on the type of relay services used. Alaska residents who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind or speech-disabled are eligible to receive specialized telephone equipment through the equipment Distribution Program at CSD at minimal or no cost. For more information on how to obtain specialized telephone equipment in your area, call toll free (866) 338-0035 TTY, (907) 338-0035 TTY or (866) 757-6256 Voice.


Internet Technical Support (available 24/7/365)

Support Phone Numbers:
907-822-HELP (4357)
907-834-HELP (4357)

Security Coverage Support

Online Backup
SecureIT Plus 1-877-373-3320

Windows Media Player Codec Issues

Download the Codec Here