Important Notice Regarding Discontinuance of Copper Valley Telecom's Customer E-mail Domains

CVT announced in its April edition of the Copper Wire newsletter that it planned to discontinue customer email domains including,, and by November of this year. After hearing customer concerns brought to us after the April announcement, CVT decided to allow customers to opt out of the discontinuance plan and keep their current CVT email address if it will cause undue hardship otherwise. CVT staff will be available during the transition to answer questions about the changes, but we wish to ease concerns and let you know that you may retain your current CVT email address. For everyone else, CVT will be notifying you of improved email services, like Gmail, MSN, Apple that offer more features and security than CVT can offer.

If you are interested in the functionality of a free Gmail or Apple address and the added cybersecurity benefits, call our office and we will gladly answer your questions or help you transition. For customers who already started the conversion and need assistance either completing that conversion or reversing the conversion steps, please contact our Technical Support staff and we will help you reverse or complete the process.