Press Release - April 18, 2018

Copper Valley Telecom Wins National Gig-Capable Certification; Rolls out Fiber to Valdez Businesses in 2018


Copper Valley Telecom, the region's premier broadband provider, announced today that it has become the first Alaska carrier to win national recognition as a Gig-Capable Internet Provider and that it will deploy fiber optic line to businesses in the Valdez central business district during summer 2018.

These two announcements demonstrate CVT's success in and commitment to expanding the availability of high-speed internet within Valdez, Prince William Sound and the Copper River Valley.

James Dunn, CVT's Chief Executive Officer, said Monday, "CVT is honored to be recognized nationally for our high-speed broadband deployments. This work exemplifies the company's cooperative spirit. We're also pleased to be undertaking another major project this summer to install fiber to central business district locations. Our employees live and work here, so we know what it takes to run a business far from urban centers and supply chains. We understand high costs and long shipping times. We know what it takes to develop and maintain relationships with customers, vendors, and employees over very long distances. Reliable high-speed broadband can help bring operational savings and efficiencies and open up new ways of communicating."

Copper Valley Telecom reports that the 1 Gig internet speed available with a fiber connection increases the feasibility of conducting business over the web, off-loading large quantities of electronic records to the cloud, creating and accessing rich video and audio content, and participating in live training.

Dunn said, "With 1 Gig service widely available throughout the community, the City of Valdez becomes a more attractive place to launch and operate any size business – from microbusiness to industrial development."

In recognition of CVT's certification as a Gig Capable Provider, the certifying authority, NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association's Chief Executive Officer Shirley Bloomfield said, "I applaud CVT for its commitment to delivering the internet's fastest speeds. This is an accomplishment worthy of praise, especially considering the unique and challenging circumstances that small telecommunications providers operate under every day. CVT serves some of our country's most rural and remote communities. By building a gigabit-capable network, CVT has not only overcome these challenges, but also shattered conventional technological benchmarks that drive innovation and promote economic development in their region."

The Fiber to Business project will begin in June with approximately sixty locations in the Valdez central business district receiving fiber infrastructure. CVT plans to begin work along the Richardson Highway, Meals Avenue, and Bremner Street. Once complete the project will proceed to the zones south of Egan Drive (including the small boat harbor area) and then finish with locations north of Egan Drive. Additional details on the project will be distributed in April and May.