System Maintenance Schedule

Copper Valley Internet performs system maintenance to ensure reliability of our services on a regular basis. During a maintenance window, you may experience delays, partial service, or complete disconnection. DSL users will be notified via your Copper Valley Internet email account.

The Support Team at Copper Valley Internet strives to maintain 99% uptime for critical services: Mail, DSL, and Web Hosting. Maintenance is essential to meeting this demand, and your patience is appreciated.

Date Times
January 1st11 P.M. - 4 A.M.
February 1st11 P.M. - 4 A.M.
March 1st9 P.M. - 5 A.M.
April 1st11 P.M. - 4 A.M.
May 1st11 P.M. - 4 A.M.
June 1st9 P.M. - 5 A.M.
July 1st11 P.M. - 4 A.M.
August 1st11 P.M. - 4 A.M.
September 1st9 P.M. - 5 A.M.
October 1st11 P.M. - 4 A.M.
November 1st11 P.M. - 4 A.M.
December 1st9 P.M. - 5 A.M.

If you are unable to connect to the Internet after the announced maintenance window, please unplug your DSL modem and plug it back in and then reboot your computer. If you are still unable to connect to the Internet, please call the Copper Valley Internet help desk at 834-HELP (834-4357) or 822-HELP (822-4357).