Tips and Tricks for Running a Speed Test on Multiple Devices

CVT Techs recommend running 4-6 speed tests in a row for an average result of all tests. Your best results will occur while connected ia Ethernet cable to a computer running the test (this requires Flash Player, so it will not work on mobile devices). You will see results dip on mobile devices and devices connected via WiFi and results may be lower if you have multiple devices connected at the same time.

Go ahead and run some tests on your computer and other devices and send the results to our Solutions Team at, along with the time of day you ran the tests.

Range of Typical Results
DSL Package Computer- Ethernet Connection (approx.) Mobile Device &/or WiFi connection (approx.)
4Mbps/1Mbps 2.8-4.1 Mbps Down/ .7- 1.1 Mbps Up 1.5- 4.1 Mbps Down /.5- 1.1 Mbps Up
10Mbps/1Mbps 8.0-10.1 Mbps Down/.7- 1.1 Mbps Up 3.5- 10.1 Mbps Down /.5- 1.1 Mbps Up
15Mbps/1Mbps 13.0-15.1 Mbps Down/.7- 1.1Mbps Up 5.0- 15.1 Mbps Down /.5- 1.1 Mbps Up

Speed Testing on a Computer

*Please Note: for BEST results, we ask that people speed test with their computers hard-wired via Ethernet cable to their modem.* It is also highly recommended that you DISCONNECT all other devices- phones, tablets, computers, TV's, etc from your network for most accurate results. (If that is not possible, the speed test will still work; it just may not be as accurate a reading as if the device is connected directly to the modem or if multiple devices are connected. It is always a possibility a connected device could be using some of your bandwidth and skewing the results, if left connected.)

You can access the speed test here:

Speed Testing on a Mobile Device: iPad, Android, iPhone, Tablet, etc.

Download Ookla Speedtest app from iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

We recommend running 4-6 tests in a row for an average speed result. From your phone, tablet or iPad, you can screen shot the results page and send the information to for further analysis.