Internet Help & Information


A list of local WiFi hotspots.


Having problems with your Internet connection? Here are some troubleshooting tips.


Have questions regarding DSL service? Begin your search for answers here!

Email Settings

Information to help you configure your internet connection and email applications.

Virus Info

Recent information on virus related issues.

Website Basics

URL, ftp, FrontPage and other information to help you manage your personal website.

System Maintenance Schedule

Copper Valley Internet performs system maintenance to ensure reliability of our services on a regular basis.

Secure IT

Virus protection and computer maintenance.

On-Line Backup & Total Tech Remote PC Repair

Copper Valley Internet is extending their service offerings from Security Coverage.

Net Neutrality Document

Explains our company's network management policies, best effort services, guaranteed services, network security, and privacy. Please call customer service if you have difficulty viewing the document.

Acceptable Use Policy

The principles, guidelines, and requirements for internet use by customers and users.

Speed Test

Test your Internet connection speed.

Tech Support