Calling Features

New to our calling feature lineup are Notify Plus and Web Portal & Outgoing Call Manager. See below for descriptions and prices of these new features. Our best deal on calling features is the Ultimate Value Pack, which includes 17 features for $2.50/month. Contact a customer service representative for help selecting features that best suit your personal or business needs.

New Calling Feature Value Packs

Monthly Charge Additional Features
Ultimate Value Pack $2.50 Includes 17 features
Caller ID Value Pack 1
Get caller ID plus any other two Enhanced Calling Features
$6.50 $.75/month per feature
Caller ID Value Pack 2
Get caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding
$3.25 $.75/month per feature

Optional Enhanced Calling Features a la Carte Rates

Call Waiting $2.50 per month
Call Forwarding $2.50 per month
Three-Way Calling $2.50 per month
Speed Calling 30 $2.50 per month
Anonymous Call Rejection $1.25 per month
Calling Number Blocking Free
Line Blocking Free
Selective Call Forwarding $2.50 per month
Selective Call Acceptance $2.50 per month
Selective Call Rejection $2.50 per month
Automatic Call Back $2.50 per month
Automatic Call Return $2.50 per month
Caller ID Name & Number $5.95 per month
*Caller ID with Call Waiting $7.95/month (A savings of $.50 per month
*Caller ID Number Only $4.95 per month
Warm Line $2.50 per month
Auto Line $2.50 per month
Distinctive Ringing $2.50 per month
Ring Again $2.50 per month
*Some features not available in all areas

Notify Plus Feature

Connect to several people at once!
Turn your landline phone into a powerful automated messaging service. With NOTIFY PLUS, you can send text messages, emails with attachments and deliver to both landline & wireless phones.

Who can use Notify?
Anyone! Notify Plus allows a customer to send a recorded voice message, text messages, and/or email message to a list of contacts. Notify is managed by the customer via a web portal tied to the customer's main telephone number. A customer may enter individual names and numbers in the portal or import a list from Excel.

Why use Notify?
Save time. Save Money. Stay Connected. Notify can help with many things, for example:

  • Notify school is cancelled due to weather
  • Notify board members about an upcoming meeting
  • Notify customers that their accounts are delinquent
  • Notify customers of service outages
  • Notify on-call employees to respond to an emergency

Is Notify Easy to Use?
Yes! To schedule a notification, all you need is a computer. You can access the user-friendly web portal (24/7) to send a complete message to your list within five minutes. You can schedule a notification at home, in the office or on vacation, it's that easy.

Notify Plus Packages

Monthly charge $15.00 $25.00
Maximum call notifications at one time up to 10 up to 35
Maximum contacts (in all lists combined) 100 500
Allowed notifications per month Unlimited Unlimited

Web Portal & Outgoing Call Manager - $4.95 per month

Account Codes/Outgoing Call Manager:This service allows you to segregate the long distance calls placed during the month based on the account code dialed at the time of placing the call. Additionally, this service can restrict the number of minutes of use by each account code and/or the number called. This feature allows you to assign different account codes to multiple phone stations in your group or office. Administrative control is available with Web Portal interface.

Some of the many things you can control:

  • Set up time limits for each account code
  • Block specific area code or specific number
  • Block all toll, but allow calls out to a specific number
  • 911 is always allowed

Web Portal: Web Portal allows subscribers an easy-to-use web page interface for administration of their essential telephony services. Using the Web Portal, subscribers can delete, play or save voice messages without having to pick up the phone. It's secure and simple to use. Any changes that subscribers make are transmitted directly to the APMAX and are effective immediately for real-time service.

On-Demand Conference Calling

With On-Demand Conferencing, up to 32 participants may attend by calling into the conference on either a local or toll free access numbers. Once a customer has subscribed to the service there is no pre-scheduling necessary—the service is available to you 24/7. In addition, there is no time limit. Below are further user Instructions:

  • Subscribe to On-Demand Conferencing service by calling our Copper Valley business offices.
  • A Host PIN and a Participant PIN are provided to you at the time you subscribe.
  • Instruct your attendees to dial into the conference using one of the following access numbers:
    • For participants calling from Glennallen, Chitina, Mentasta, or McCarthy: 822-7676
    • For participants calling from Valdez or Tatitlek: 835-7676
    • For participants calling from Cordova: 253-7676
    • From outside the service are: 1-877-820-7676
    • The Host will need to enter their host PIN in order to activate the call.
    • Each Participant will be prompted to enter their PIN before they can participate in the conference.

Conference Calling