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Wireless Roaming and CVW Transition to VoLTE

December 19, 2017, by Tabitha Gregory, Chief Customer Relations Officer, Copper Valley Telecom

CVT wireless customers are experiencing impacts brought about by an industry transition to a new technology used for making voice calls. The technology is called Voice over LTE, or VoLTE for short.

Customers are experiencing a range of unusual service issues and interruptions in areas where they've formerly had good voice and data services, specifically the MatSu Valley, Eagle River, and Canada.

The issues include reduced or no coverage for voice, 3G data, or both voice and data. Text messaging was interrupted for a time in these areas and that problem is expected to recur in the future. When using our cell service locally, customers will not be affected.

These issues are created when a partner carrier turns off the legacy CDMA network equipment on their towers. Like these other carriers, Copper Valley is in the midst of migrating its network to VoLTE and expects this to be complete by the end of 2018. When we've completed our conversion, voice and data will resume in these areas.

Following are recent CDMA decommissions that have affected our customers.

Most handsets owned and used by CVT customers are already VoLTE capable. This includes the iPhone 6 and newer models, LG G4 and newer models, and the Samsung GS7 and newer. Because most customers now own VoLTE handsets, we anticipate the final transition to be relatively seamless for the customer.

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