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Notice regarding Verizon Wireless Disconnect Letters

This week, we became aware of rumors blaming Copper Valley Telecom for actions that Verizon is taking against their (VZW) wireless customers. We would like the public to be aware of the following information.

Verizon has sent a letter discontinuing some of their customers' wireless service as of October 17. Some individuals have stated on social media and elsewhere that the reason for Verizon's action is that Copper Valley has increased the rates we charge Verizon for roaming traffic. This is incorrect. Rates have not increased and as a small regional operator, we have little influence over Verizon's customer service decisions.

We confirmed that Verizon sent letters to customers in thirteen states, and are disconnecting service for approximately 8,500 customers (roughly 16,000 lines). We understand that all customers receiving these disconnect letters from Verizon are living in an area that is outside Verizon's core service area and, therefore, are roaming for the majority of their monthly usage. Verizon could not confirm the number of letters sent to their customers in the Copper Valley, Prince William Sound, and Valdez areas and we could not secure a copy of the letter directly from the company. Verizon customers who have questions about the letters should contact Verizon customer service directly.

CVT is pleased to offer state of the art 4G LTE service throughout the region with excellent coverage, plans, prices, and customer service. We would be pleased to work with you to determine if CVW can meet your wireless communication needs. Verizon's actions described above do not affect CVT wireless customers.

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