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Happy Online Holidays!

Holidays are a wonderful time of year and Copper Valley Telecom reminds everyone to keep safety in mind as you shop online, exchange emails with family and friends, and install new technology that Santa brings you.

Whether you are giving the gift of connectivity and technology or using it yourself, don't let hackers mess with the merriment. Remember that all devices connected to the internet - including mobile phones and those at home - must be protected. Make sure to talk to young people receiving technology such as gaming units or tablets about how to use these devices safely and securely. It is important that the rest of us keep learning about and practice good cyber security tactic, too.

Michael Kaiser, the National Cyber Security Alliance's executive director says, "In past years, we have seen that scammers, hackers, and cybercriminals are active and on the prowl during the holidays." He recommends that we stay alert for phishing emails, deals that look to good to be true, and warnings about packages that can't be delivered or orders that have problems.

Other holiday tips:

Information in this article is provided by the National Security Alliance

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