Copper Valley Telecom Privacy Policy

Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative and its subsidiaries, including Copper Valley Long Distance, Copper Valley Wireless, and Copper Valley Solutions follow the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules for protecting customer information. We consider everything about your account and services, except for information found in the phone directory, to be private information and will not share it with anyone other than you without your written permission. In addition, we take further safeguards when you contact us directly to receive information about your account. Safeguards include:

If you choose to use a password, we encourage you to make sure that it meets the following criteria so that it is difficult to guess. Passwords should be a minimum of 8 characters long, including 3 numbers. For help with changing your password to meet these criteria, please contact a Customer Service Representative at 835-2231, 822-3551, or 1-800-478-6612.