CVT Plant Project - Valdez Park Strip Area

Copper Valley Telecom plant crew, along with other utilities, will be working along the park strip and adjacent Eastside streets as we upgrade our plant infrastructure. This project is not expected to impact your use of the park strip. If you have questions, contact Lon Rake, Valdez Plant Superintendent at 907-835-7789.

Action Required for Email Migration

All email accounts will be migrated to a new platform as a result of Google ending support and availability of the platform we offer our customers. On June 10th, Google Apps other than email will no longer work. will still direct users to their Gmail mailbox. June 24th is the cutover date for all email domains. will start directing users to the new neoNova portal and the Zimbra email platform. We've put together a 3 step guide for you to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. We also have detailed instructions to help you through each of these steps in our Transition Support Page.

We will be migrating your core email content (email, folders, forwarders, and contacts), but you will need to download any other content you have stored on Google that you would like to keep. We have included instructions for exporting most types of data in the Transition Support Page as well. For assistance with email settings, call 822-HELP or 834-HELP.