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Wireless voice and data are moving Copper Valley and Prince William Sound residents and businesses into the future! Our 4G LTE network supports our selection of top-of-the-line smart phones, standard handsets, data cards, and data routers. An extensive system of cell towers located in towns and rural subdivisions, along highways and byways, perched on the tops of mountains and ridges, and standing on remote islands give our customers the broadest and best coverage in our region. Reasonably priced calling plans offer state and nationwide roaming, free night & weekend calls, free mobile-to-mobile calls, and rollover minutes. Skilled local technicians offer quality technical support for your wireless handsets and data devices.

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Parental Control

CODE 9 Parental Control product provides the ability for parents to monitor their children's mobile phone communications and activities in order to identify threats or potential issues.


Check out our product line at your local office. Information about wireless phones and hearing aid accessibility is available on the Wireless Hearing Aid Accessibility page.

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