Prepaid Wireless Service

Offering all the benefits of wireless, with no hassles.

Our prepaid plan allows you to pay in advance with:

Prepaid Wireless Plans

750 minutes $100
300 Minutes $50
Phone $29.95
Caller ID/Call Waiting/3 Way Calling/Voice Mail FREE with all plans
Text Messaging (SMS) $4.95 unlimited or $.10 per outgoing message.
Charges are $.13/min for calls made within the CV Network, additional $.10/min for calls to areas outside the CV Network.

Instructions for Pre-Paid Wireless Customers

Purchasing Minutes
Purchase your first block of minutes by calling Copper Valley at 907-835-2231 (Valdez) or 907-822-3551 (Glennallen) or stopping by our offices.

Adding Minutes
Press *ADD on your prepaid phone to add minutes. You may add any amount of minutes you want. If you add minutes through this method, the minutes will be depleted at the rate of $.20/minutes. You may also contact our offices and we can add minutes in blocks of 300 and 750 blocks at discounted rates.

Checking Minute Balances
Press *BAL on your pre-paid phone to check your minute balance.

Using your Pre-paid Phone
Copper Valley's pre-paid phones may be used while you are in the Copper Valley Service Area. The pre-paid phones do not work when you travel outside the service area.

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