4G LTE Deployment

4G LTE Wireless Service Expansion is Underway in Glennallen and Copper Valley

Copper Valley Telecom announced June 4th that its Glennallen cell site has been upgraded to 4G LTE and higher data speeds are now available when using that site. The Glennallen cell site is located at the Copper Valley Telecom office at mile 188.8 of the Glenn Highway.

The company reported that handsets and data cards are regularly achieving speeds 10 to 15 times faster than was formerly available in the area.

Thirteen additional cell sites will be upgraded throughout the Copper Valley, Valdez, and Cordova by the end of June. The sites are:

4G LTE Map

4G LTE is here

4G LTE Bingo

We have our first BINGO!! T card winner Marsha Lesemann from Glennallen! The T card bingo is finished, but keep playing the card for the first BLACKOUT.

In order to BINGO, the shaded area (4GLTE) must be covered.

6/23 6/24 6/25` 6/26 6/27
9AM O70
6/16 6/17 6/18 6/19 6/20
9AM N33 G58 B5 N39 B14
6PM I22 G51 O63 G54 G50
6/9 6/10 6/11 6/12 6/13
9AM O65 O62 I23 O66 N38
6PM N35 N40 G60 G59 B10