Calling Features

Calling features are powerful tools that help manage incoming and outgoing calls. Our best deal on calling features is the Ultimate Value Pack, which includes 17 features for $2.50/month. Caller ID allows you to see who's calling and screen calls before answering. Call forwarding allows you to send calls coming into your home or business phone to any other phone such as a cell phone or another landline. Restrictions allow you to control access to long distance and other toll generating calls like collect calls, 3rd-party charge calls, calls placed to 1-900 numbers, and more. And, best of all, many of the features can be turned on the same day that the order is placed. Contact a customer service representative for help selecting features that best suit your personal or business needs.

New Calling Feature Value Packs

Monthly Charge Additional Features
Ultimate Value Pack $2.50 Includes 17 features
Caller ID Value Pack 1
Get caller ID plus any other two Enhanced Calling Features
$6.50 $.75/month per feature
Caller ID Value Pack 2
Get caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding
$3.25 $.75/month per feature

Optional Enhanced Calling Features a la Carte Rates

Call Waiting $2.50 per month
Call Forwarding $2.50 per month
Three-Way Calling $2.50 per month
Speed Calling 30 $2.50 per month
Anonymous Call Rejection $1.25 per month
Calling Number Blocking Free
Line Blocking Free
Selective Call Forwarding $2.50 per month
Selective Call Acceptance $2.50 per month
Selective Call Rejection $2.50 per month
Automatic Call Back $2.50 per month
Automatic Call Return $2.50 per month
Caller ID Name & Number $5.95 per month
*Caller ID with Call Waiting $7.95/month (A savings of $.50 per month
*Caller ID Number Only $4.95 per month
Warm Line $2.50 per month
Auto Line $2.50 per month
Distinctive Ringing $2.50 per month
Ring Again $2.50 per month
*Some features not available in all areas

On-Demand Conference Calling

With On-Demand Conferencing, up to 32 participants may attend by calling into the conference on either a local or toll free access numbers. Once a customer has subscribed to the service there is no pre-scheduling necessary—the service is available to you 24/7. In addition, there is no time limit. Below are further user Instructions:

Calling Feature Instructions

Following are instructions for using the calling features available for your Copper Valley residential or business telephone line. Most of the features must first be turned on by our staff. Some of the features are free and some are offered for a small monthly charge. To place an order to turn on any of the below features, contact our business offices.

Conference Calling