Total Tech Remote PC Repair

Most would agree that having your computer repaired is about as fun as getting your car towed; even worse, you have to put your life on hold as you wait for days or even weeks until your computer is up and running again. What if there was a way to bring outstanding technical support right to your computer without leaving your home or office, and for a value price? What if there was a service that provided both a 48-hour guarantee and a free diagnostic service? What if that same service also offered an affordable membership program for unlimited support? Fortunately, the solution is available today, and that solution is Total Tech.

Utilizing secure remote technology, Total Tech technicians are able to connect to your computer safely over the Internet and fix the problem while you watch. You see everything that's happening, and it's faster, cheaper and more secure than taking your computer out of your home or office. You can take control of the session at any time, and when the secure connection is closed, technicians no longer have access to your computer. Total Tech also understands that your time is valuable and when it comes to technology, you just want it to work. That's why Total Tech's staff speaks English first, and computer jargon second. Trained technicians work diligently to solve the problem, which gives you less downtime and lost productivity. Technology exists to make your life easier and Total Tech is here to keep it that way.

Available for Mac OS 10.5, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

TotalTech PC Repair - 1-888-PCFIXFAST

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