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For Your Information: Phishing Attempt sent to CVT Email Users this weekend

April 24, 2017, by Sarah Jorgenson-Owen, CVS Technician

Over the weekend, several CVT Email users received a phishing scam message (see the screen shot of the message below). This email was NOT sent by Copper Valley Telecom. If you received this email, please delete it or forward it to, so our email vendor can track the message. If you did click on the link, please contact CVT Help Desk (907-834-HELP or 907-822-HELP) or contact your local CVT Business Office (907-835-2231 or 907-822-3551) for help resetting your password.

Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails disguised as a legitimate person, business, or organization with the purpose of obtaining personal and sensitive information. Unfortunately, as email has become a more common form of communication, Phishing scams are on the rise. CVT encourages you to carefully check the sending email address and to be cautious of clicking on any links sent via email, if you have not initiated the contact.

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