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Did You Know? Apps and Built-ins Could be Affecting Your Home Wi-Fi

Android and Chromecast built-in devices have a bug, which is causing Wi-Fi networks to slow down and temporarily disconnect from devices. Google released a patch on January 19 to fix this issue. Read more >>>

Wireless Roaming and CVW Transition to VoLTE

CVT wireless customers are experiencing impacts brought about by an industry transition to a new technology used for making voice calls. The technology is called Voice over LTE, or VoLTE for short. Read more >>>

Fiber to the Home

Check out our Premium Internet Speeds! Find out information for a home fiber connection and our In-Home Network Solutions. Read more >>>

Maximize Your In-Home Network!

Announcing Copper Valley Telecom's In-Home Network Solutions. The services include free heat mapping with a subscription to 15 Mbps Internet or higher, Google home access points, and tech home support. Read more >>>

TECH HoME Now Available

SecureIT Web Security for computers, phones, and tablets. Free 1 year subscription with 25Mbps or higher Internet speeds. Read more >>>.

Customized Business Services

Copper Valley Telecom offers high capacity Ethernet and T1 circuits throughout the Prince William Sound, Copper Valley, and Valdez areas. Read more >>>

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