Warning to our DSL subscribers!

Some customers have reported receiving emails appearing to come from Copper Valley Internet. They are NOT from us! Delete any email with this subject line: Attn; Cvinternet Webmail User!!

CVT Plant Project - Valdez Park Strip Area

Copper Valley Telecom plant crew, along with other utilities, will be working along the park strip and adjacent Eastside streets as we upgrade our plant infrastructure. This project is not expected to impact your use of the park strip. If you have questions, contact Lon Rake, Valdez Plant Superintendent at 907-835-7789.

Last Chance - Capital Credit Payout List

Click here to see the list of customers whose capital credit check has either not been cashed or the check has been returned by the post office due to an incorrect address. Anyone on this list have until December 31, 2015, to contact CVT at (907) 835-2231. If we do not hear from those listed by the end of December, their capital credit payout will revert back to CVT's general fund.