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See's Candies Fundraiser

Come see us at the Emblem Christmas Bazaar Dec. 3rd at the Eagles Hall. Selection and prices available on the News page.

2017 Phone Book Cover Photo Contest

Submit your best 3 photos by 5pm Dec. 7, 2016. Details are on the Communities page.


CVTC Retires 2.7 Million Dollars of Capital Credits

During its September 2016 meeting, the Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative Board of Directors approved retiring $2,734,550 of capital credits, the largest general retirement in the cooperative's history. This amount is comprised of all remaining capital credits from 1994 through 1996 and 8% of 2015's capital credits. Read more >>>

Heiden View Cell Site Now 4G LTE

Copper Valley Telecom announced that it has upgraded its cell site located at milepost 21 Richardson Highway to 4G LTE. The site serves the Heiden View subdivision and the Richardson Highway corridor from approximately milepost 17 (north of Keystone Canyon) to approximately milepost 23 (near the hairpin corner leading to Thompson Pass). Read more >>>

Customized Business Services

Copper Valley Telecom offers high capacity Ethernet and T1 circuits throughout the Prince William Sound, Copper Valley, and Valdez areas. Read more >>>

Copper Valley Telecom Fiber for the Future Project Update

The first phase of Copper Valley's Fiber for the Future project is nearly complete. By November 1, 2016, we will finish all earthwork, including digging and drilling. During the summer of 2016, we installed conduit that will house fiber connections on approximately 700 Valdez residential lots. Over 30,000 feet of conduit was buried. Installation of fiber optic lines will begin in the spring. We will contact Valdez residents in the spring of 2017 to make appointments to install electronics in homes. These electronics will enable customers to order up to 1 Gig Internet service. For additional information, contact Tabitha Gregory at 835-7763 or

Capital Credit Retirement Checks

Our records show that capital credit retirement checks were issued to the members on this List in 2015 and were returned to us by the Postal Service or have not been processed by the bank. Members on the list need to provide us their current contact information by December 30, 2016, so we can reissue the check(s). If we do not hear from the member by December 30, 2016, the funds will revert back to the cooperative's general funds.

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